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Art for Children

Fun and educational art projects for kids to create, make, draw, paint, learn and enjoy. Includes colouring pages, paper art, broom tick art, sketch books, printable activities and much more. Here is an opportunity for every child to color the world with imagination.

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Kolam – a South Indian style of painting

Kolam – a South Indian style of painting

Kolam is a South Indian style of painting that is drawn by using rice powder/chalk/chalk powder. While it is popular in many parts of Asia it is generally associated with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and most parts of Kerala. Step by step guideline for creating a Kolam: Step 1 Prepare a grid of the required dimensions. Most Kolams are made with simple geometric shapes and are generally symmetrical. Then it becomes easy to follow the pattern. Step 2 Join the dots one by one and form interesting shapes. Step 3 Repeat the same design at the other end of the grid. Step 4 Fill up the complete grid with simple shapes and patterns. Step 5 You can create beautiful designs by varying the grid size and patterns within.

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