Fiction for Kids

Fiction for Kids

Multi-cultural children's literature -- stories, poems, folktales & books for kids. Original literature for kids from around the globe; includes a review of books for children.

The Good Turn

Girl consoling a friend: The Good Turn - A story for kids
Every time Gina walked down the lane where she lived, some neighbour or the other would remark that 'The Brat' was off to some place. The six-year-old was the only child of her parents and they spoilt her totally. Even when she was a small child, her parents had never refused her anything. And she, in turn, always made sure...

If You Were

A girl and her friends: The Popular Student - A story for kids
If you were busy being kind, Before you knew it, you would find You'd soon forget to think 'twas true That someone was unkind to you. If you were busy being glad, And cheering people who are sad, Although your heart might ache a bit, You'd soon forget to notice it. If you were busy being good, And doing just the best you could, You'd not have time to...

Long bony fingers

A boy running scared at night: Long bony fingers - A story for kids
Somu loved to read ghost stories. Every time he paid a visit to the library, he got back a teeth-chattering horror tale. It was a signal that he was getting ready to play a scary trick on his friends. He was 10 years old. His parents had learnt to recognise the signs now. The days on which the slim boy's...

Go For It, Bablu!

Boy going to school. Go For It, Bablu! - A story for kids
It happened on the day school started after a heavenly two months of summer holidays. Shankar refused to wake up at 6 am. He wanted to dream more about his visit to his grandparents' home. They lived in the picturesque city of Mysore in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. He particularly wanted to remember his two trips to...

Flower on the Road

A quiz about flowers
Spring has come, said the bougainvillea Crimson, orange, cream and yellow Making a flower wall along the road I bring happiness to all. Wait, said the little flower on the edge of the kerb I, too, blossom though I am small Every now and then a little child walks past, sees me at her height And happily smiles. Doesn't that make us comrades on the road!

Guddu’s Lucky Day

Pink envelope: Guddu's Lucky Day, a story for kids
The sun shone through Gayatri's window. It teased her eyelids open. She yawned, stretched and got out of bed - things she had done a thousand times before. For Gayatri, today began like any other day. Gayatri Verma was a bright, 12-year-old girl with sparkling eyes and dimpled smile. She was an eighth grade student in a local school, forever...

The Eagle’s Tale

The Eagle’s Tale
Did you hear the wind sigh As it brushed past the neem tree high? The wind met an eagle ready to cry What’s the matter? Smile - at least try. Said the wind to the eagle I’ve hurt my wings, I can’t fly That’s why I’m ready to cry Said the eagle to the wind Is that all? What are we here for Said the neem and the wind with a smile The neem gave its healing...

The Sparrow’s Nest

When a cat hunts a bird for lunch
Oh, why does the sparrow build a nest in the rain? Won't the downpour wash the nest away? Asked the child, to her grandmother. Monsoon is a time when there are lots of worms, and that means food for the little ones! That's why sparrows build a nest in the rain, said the grandmother with a smile

The Wedding Chain

Girl playing with a broom stick: The Wedding Chain - A story for kids
Mother always wore her wedding chain. She wore it indoors and outdoors, she even wore it in the bath. She never ever took it off. It was a gift to her from father. His eyes shone with tender love when he had brought her to his home after their marriage, and put it around her neck. It had been made-to-order...

Limits of the Mind

Ekalavya: Limits of the Mind - A story for kids
Ekalavya was a little boy, born in a poor family, many many years ago. His people lived a little away from Hastinapura, the capital of the Kuru kings. They used to clean other people's dirt for a profession. And for this reason they were shunned by society. Ekalavya and other kids of his group knew they too had to follow...