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Screensavers for Kids

Animated screensavers designed for children

Watching an idle screen was never such fun! Click the 'Download' link of the screensaver you like. Unzip the file to get an exe (executable file) file. Simply double click on this exe and your chosen screensaver will automatically get installed!

Run... Run... Run...

Run fast, run wild The bull is behind you! It will not rest until it gets you. And you dare not stop until it tires. Itís a crazy race! Download Screensaver

Dancing lights

The sun is about to set, and the sky is a brilliant red. But who are these men with the lamps, who dance away the dark in the fields? Care to join them? Download Screensaver

Jumpin' frogs

One and two and three and four... The frogs leap into the pond, creating a dance of ripples! Or shall we say rock and ripple? Download Screensaver


Don't get scared! Itís just a cat, peeping from behind the dark bushes. It may pass by, leap or just hang around - till youíre back! Download Screensaver


Watch the dewdrops fall, one by one, creating ripples on your desktop! A lonely boatman passes by as you admire the pearly leaves! Download Screensaver


Against the backdrop of a morning sky, waves rise to create magnificent forms. Itís the dance of nature. Download Screensaver

Science For Kids

Explore the how and why behind everyday things in our free science magazine for kids. You can also find some cool ideas for science projects and experiments. You could also test your skills by choosing to play one of our many science quiz for kids . Jump right in and start discovering now...

Coloring Pages for Kids

Hundreds of coloring sheets for kids: Download the pictures and colour them wild. There are clowns, animals and automobiles. You will also find shades of festivals, traditional lamps, and sceneries and much, much more. Start coloring now...

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