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What Freedom means to me...

Compiled by Parul Dewan; Illustration by Shinod AP

Freedom means many things to many people. When we spoke to some children in the age group of 8 to 14, we were amazed to learn the different meanings they gave to that one word 'freedom'. Here they put their ideas exactly the way their thoughts arose in their minds...

Radhika Jain (8 years)

What freedom means to me..., Articles: 14_1.gif

  • "I don't have to study."
  • "Being able to watch my favourite channel Star Plus, Cartoon Network whenever I like."
  • "Cycling in the morning instead of going to school."

    What freedom means to me..., Articles: 14_2.gif
  • "Eating as many ice creams as I want."
  • "Going for school tours. Only 4th and 5th class students go for tours. We 3rd class students are not allowed."
  • "Not getting up early in the morning."

Saloni (11 years)

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