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The Night Sky

By Kritika Parwal; Illustration by Sudheer Nath

Like a poet in the traditional mould, Kritika Parwal, too, tries to do what innumerable poets have done before her - describe nature in its brilliant hues.

The Night Sky, Poems: 48_1.gif The ever so beautiful sky at night,
white-mauve moonlight adorns the gorgeous sight,
embedded in the blanket, the zillion sparkles,
lending glimmer to the black lacklusture,
trees swaying in winds fierce,
unconditionally captivating the minds,
all quiet, daylight apart, the sky shimmering,
with the twinkling gems and the mauve moon.
Climb up the terrace, along a storybook,
once experience the passion of the moon,
look up the sky, the stars will bring warmth,
the star of Bethlehem will be there to guide you,
just as the shiny stars bring light to the black sky,
realise how small acts of love can bring gloss in your life,
thank the designer god for his splendid masterpiece,
Gaze at the sky, it's worth sleeping a little late!!!

The Night Sky [Poems]
By Kritika Parwal; Illustration by Sudheer Nath


Pitara Kids Home > Your Pages > Poems

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