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Science for kids

Science magazines for kids - Science magazines for children, that helps them discover. From the known to the unknown and little known facts all the way to the how and why of things. Facts, features, learning and fun for kids.

Why, Where, When, Who & How?

Who, what, where, when & how? Online science magazine for kids: from shooting stars to ocean depths, dinosaurs to satellites, ham radios to hiccups. Enter this fascinating kids science zone and find answer to all your questions on science, environment, earth, geography, history, health, living beings, exploration and discoveries, cultures and customs.

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Earth for Kids

Find out planet secrets, from rainforests to sea turtles. Be a kid science sleuth and track our planet earth -- oceans, mountains, places, nature, global warming, pollution, the natural world and much more. Amazing facts and unusual behaviour of reptiles, insects, animals, birds, rainforests... Come in and join our Earth Science for Kids club.

Eureka: Science for Kids

Science features for kids on exciting discoveries and inventions across the world. From roads of jute to new moons and mobile phone bugs. News about research on weather, animals, science, environment, earth, health, living beings, astronomy and more. Fun science for children at its best and written for children.

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Did You Know

Amazing facts for kids about our planet and how we live our lives -- facts that are stranger than fiction! Prepare to be amazed, because truth can be stranger than fact, sometimes!

Science For Kids

Explore the how and why behind everyday things in our free science magazine for kids. You can also find some cool ideas for science projects and experiments. You could also test your skills by choosing to play one of our many science quiz for kids . Jump right in and start discovering now...

Coloring Pages for Kids

Hundreds of coloring sheets for kids: Download the pictures and colour them wild. There are clowns, animals and automobiles. You will also find shades of festivals, traditional lamps, and sceneries and much, much more. Start coloring now...

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