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Science features for kids brings to you exciting discoveries and inventions across the world, from path-breaking to the unusual, written with the objective of making science accessible to children. We carry news about research on weather, animals, science, environment, earth, health, living beings, astronomy, and more. From roads of jute to new moons and mobile phone bugs. Fun science for children at its best.

Hot Dog!

American scientists are working on smart kitchens of the future that will do everything -- stock the larder, order food, download recipes and even keep an eye on your weight. Read on ...

How Lizards Defy Gravity

Recent studies show that the story behind a lizard's ability to cling on to surfaces could well lead to the creation of the world's first non-sticky, self-cleaning adhesive! Read on ...

Road of Jute

A thin layer of jute placed between the soil and gravel can extend the life of roads, say Indian scientists. They also help rainwater drain faster. Read on ...

Planets! Planets! and more Planets!

Planet-hunting astronomers have stumbled upon a treasure of discoveries that have raised hopes of tracking a solar system similar to ours. Read on ...

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Ginger, the New Wonder Medicine

British scientists are now discovering ginger as a powerful medicine against nausea and cancer. Read on ...

Peppermint to Chase Mosquitoes Away

Indian scientists have found that peppermint oil chases away mosquitoes. Especially the malaria-causing anopheles. Read on ...

The Smart Polluters

Viruses travel across national borders without hassle and cause great destruction to local plant, animal and human life. Read on ...

Dry Clouds

Israeli scientists have discovered that air pollution may actually stop rain from falling in polluted cities like Delhi and Tokyo. Read on ...

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Distress Signals the Leafy Way

Japanese scientists have discovered that the Lima bean plant sends a distress signal to all its neighbours to warn them of troublesome intruders. Read on ...

Shirt that is a Mobile Phone

Scientists in a British company have invented a fabric that can be blended with electronic materials to create intelligent clothes. Read on ...

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