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Baby names by sound: 't'

Search for baby names which include the sound 't'

You are now viewing baby names of Indian origin by sound. You can also search for baby boy or baby girl names by alphabet or by meaning.


Name Meaning Gender
Taahira Pure; chaste Female
Taamraparnee Copper like leafs Female
Taanusiya A great devotee Female
Taapasee A female ascetic Female
Taaraa Star Female


Taarank Savious Male
Taarikaa A small star Female
Tabassum A flower Female
Taha Pure Male
Tahir Holy Male
Tahoma With a cute personality Male
Taizeen Encouragement Female
Taj Crown Male
Tajdar Corwned Male
Taksa Son of bharata Male
Takshak A cobra Male
Taksheel A strong character Male
Talaketu Bhishma Male
Talank Lord shiva Male
Talat Prayer Male


Talib Divine Male
Talika A bird Female
Talikha Nightingale Female
Talin Lord shiva Male
Talish Lord of earth Male

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