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Holi Special

Celebrate Holi with colors:

The winter leaves are making way for spring buds. Even the gods are charmed by the friendly mischief of the changing season that the festival of Holi signifies. A children's special on Holi in India and its popularity among children. Articles on Holi customs and myths, cities famous for Holi revelry, e-cards, a Holi quiz and a craft activity on making natural Holi colours. This year Holi falls on March 9-10.

Holi- The Colours of Spring

The festival of colours marks the passing of winter and the onset of spring mischief - seen in the famous stick-beating Holi, the wet colour baths, wrestling... Read on ...

Where Holi is the Talk of the Town

In the day they treat figures of authority with irreverence and flock to the famous poet's gathering in the evening where local politicians are the target of 'pun-ny' verse - the people of Banaras can really be mischievous! Read on ...

The Song of Hori or Happiness

The people of Gokul had had a good crop. Winter was on its way out, the spring flowers were budding and it was a full moon day. And infant Krishna had arrived in local landlord Nand's family. The notes of happiness, or Hori, were natural... Read on ...

Holi is For Children

Holi used to go on for 20 days in her village, reminisces the 65-year-old writer. A chariot procession before school-going time, a custom where the new daughter-in-law locked the elders in a room demanding compensation, and colours of course! Read on ...

Holi's Here!

It's known as the festival of colours and is made up of a fascinating mix of legends and celebrations from different parts of India. Care to follow the coloured trail? Read on ...

Eco-friendly Holi Colours

Synthetic colours have taken prominence over natural colours for they are readymade and easy to use. This time around, play Holi the traditional and ecological way - with flowers. Read on ...

Holi Cards

Send your greetings and best wishes this Holi through our special Holi e-cards. Read on ...

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