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 Monsoon Special

Come June, and the first rains lash onto the western coast of India in Kerala. Over the next three weeks, the monsoon clouds make their way up the peninsula, till they collide with the mighty Himalayas. Boom! Thunder claps and lightning signal the start of the monsoon season for the dry, steaming plains.

The monsoons are stuff of adventure, of poetry, of literature. Farmers stand in their parched fields looking for the clouds to darken. Children wait eagerly to go phhachh-phhachh-chhapp-chhapp on roadside pools. The yearly rains are also a time for choked roads, submerged bridges, displaced people, overflowing drains, sickness and much more. Join the Pitara Team in its celebration of the monsoons -- in all its colours.

The Clouds
Israeli scientists have discovered that air pollution may actually stop rain from falling in polluted cities like Delhi and Tokyo...
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Lion on the loose!
It was raining heavily and the animals at the zoo were getting wet and irritable, especially the lion. Then he had the biggest adventure of his life....
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The Ant and Snake Forecast Rain
Farmers in southwest Rajasthan have found local wisdom more useful than the Meteorological Department's predictions.
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What is water harvesting?
What is Water Harvesting? | Y | We allow most of our rain water to run into the drains. Simple rural techniques of water storage show us how we can actually use this water in the dry months.
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Waiting for the rain
Velu, the farmer, was a troubled man. Every year, his piece of land yielded a rich harvest but this time round, the rain gods did not seem to be in a benevolent mood...
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In the rain
The rain is colourless and wet and plain but when light falls on it it glistens like a peacock's feather!  A poem.
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Monsoon in Mumbai
There were floods in people's drawing rooms, the streets became a wet dustbin. Local trains and passengers decided to have an 'off day'. Cyber cafes did roaring business....  
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Children and water
Water can be a source of wonder to children and to adults who have kept up the habit of questioning and wondering.... 
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Here comes the mango!
Come summers and the markets get flooded with delicious and irresistable mangoes that attract everyone's attention. You can also do the same, just become a mango!
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It's your day to rain
What you are going to make is a unique fish. It can only survive on land. Water is a complete No-No. So make sure that you don't leave it in water.
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India Quiz : Delights of an Indian Summer
Life under water and around it, is as diverse as the life on earth. It is another world altogether with its own creatures and their peculiar traits.
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The Flood
For people across the country the rains come as a relief. But with the rains come heavy floods in parts of Assam, Bihar, Bengal and north-east India. What is the reason for these monsoon floods?
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Father to six year old son: A big boy like you shouldn't be afraid of the dark!

Son: That's easy for you to say...you've got mum to look after you!

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