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In our book review section you will find reviews of children's books from all over the world. We also carry book excerpts, favourite reading lists by well-known writers and lists of great books for children. We review all genres of children's books - the classics and the new, illustrated books, picture books… We also carry book reviews done by kids for kids.
Get in touch with us if you want us to review a book or if you want to review a book for us.

A Boisterous Bedtime Read

Two sisters, one very strange Aunt, and a flock of escaped birds... Magic and mayhem comes in unexpected shapes and sizes to one small corner of a very big city in Anitha Balachandran's crackling storybook... Read on ...

Record Tidbits

Curious to know about the world's largest and the smallest, the shortest and the longest? Get hold of a copy of Scholastic India's 'Book of World Records' immediately. Read on ...

Sumptuous Delights

Mouthwatering food, majestic rulers, imperious noblemen, adventure, and history! All this and more feature in Subhadra Sen Gupta's collection of stories, 'History, Mystery, Dal and Biryani'. Read on ...

Strength from Within

Read about real-life Indian heroes under 16, in 'Brave Hearts - Winners of the National Bravery Awards'. Read on ...

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A Chest Full of Stories

Charming stories drawn from real life that are 'not-quite-real', here's 'Zigzag and Other Stories' for you. Read on ...

The Magical Land of Narnia

Written by C.S. Lewis, the 'Chronicles of Narnia', published decades before the Harry Potter series, was the first to blend adventure and fantasy, writes 11 year-old Sujit Thomas. Read on ...

Two Sides of a Coin

Poile Sengupta's 'The Exquisite Balance', questions why a girl must necessarily be like a girl, in her story about twins. Read on ...

Born to Love Animals

These animals must have lived noble lives in their previous birth, for they live in Naomi's house, where they are given more importance than humans themselves. A story by Yoram Kaniuk. Read on ...

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Real Winners in Life

Ramendra Kumar pens a series of inspirational stories for children, focusing on values, and all featuring child protagonists. Read on ...

Flying Dogs and School-going Monkeys

Delightful stories of a dog that can fly, a monkey that goes to school, and an untidy worm, by Deepa Agarwal. Read them aloud to your young brother or sister. Read on ...

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