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By Swapna Dutta

Roses in the winter time
Roses in the fall
The roses in my garden
Are the nicest of them all

Some prefer the jasmines
The champaks on the tree
Or the lilies in the pool
But it's the rose for me!

The wild roses climbing up the wall
Which hang in clusters white
The sprawling bush of roses pink
Which looks so trim and bright

Roses, Poems for kids: 29_1.gif

The pale rose with a curly edge
The yellow rose so coy
The lilac rose with streaks of mauve
The red, ablaze with joy

Ever fragrant, always sweet
Oh how I love the rose
I really think and feel it is
The nicest flower that grows!

Roses [Poems for kids]
By Swapna Dutta


Pitara Kids Home > Talespin > Poems for kids

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