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    Schoolboy’s Diary – 4000 years ago

    When I was in the fourth standard, I got my first real diary as a present from a cousin. It made me feel very important because it was gifted to me in the year for which it had been printed. Until then the elders had always shoved at me, two or three-year-old diaries in which the listed holidays and Sundays made no sense. Naturally! It was a diary bound in dark brown leather and was printed by some company that must have been making a lot of money.

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    What is Artificial Intelligence?

    If you touch a hot metal object, you will yank your hand away immediately. When this happens to you the first time, the sequence of events and the result (the burning of your hand) gets stored in your brain. This is what we call an experience. When you see a hot metal object next time, you will not touch it. You will use the knowledge of your previous experience and decide to not repeat it again.

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    An Unforgetful Trip

    The Thunderbirds – This was the name that Namrata, Pooja, Kajari, Latika, Ayesha, Moni, Geetika, Ritu, Parul and Priyanka had given to their gang of 10. Everyone in St. Anna Girls’ School knew them. They were always seen together. “Guys!!!!! The list of places for the mid-term trip has been put up on the notice board,” announced Namrata, who in her excitement had got up on a chair to grab everyone’s attention. That did it. What had been an orderly classroom a few seconds earlier was now an empty class.

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    Domestic Animals Coloring Pages

    Domestic Animals Coloring Pages for kids. Colour the pet animals in the picture. Click on any image you like to enlarge it. You can download this image and print it for coloring! Click on any image to view an enlarged version. Print it and color it.

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    What is a democracy?

    If three friends need to decide between eating pizza or burgers, they could debate and agree or they could put it to vote and go with the majority. Since there are only two options and three people, once the votes are counted, there would be a winner. This is an example of democracy at work. More specifically, it is an example of what is called a direct democracy. This is a democracy where the voters have a direct say in the decisions made by the group.

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    How Do Fish Survive in Icy Waters?

    In cold winter months, lakes and rivers freeze over forming ice. Yet, fish and other aquatic animals manage to survive. Animals like seals, penguins, walruses and a wide variety of sea birds are all fish eaters. They live in the Arctic and Antarctic Circle, amidst the icecaps. The land is completely frozen. Yet these animals manage to live in this region. How do they do it? The icy waters of the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans support a great amount of marine life.

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    Buckminster Fuller: A Scholar, a Scientist and an Inventor

    Buckminster Fuller (1895 – 1983): Imagine if you were a scientist, working in the freezing South Pole. You would be staying in a curious, dome-like structure that must be capable of standing up to strong winds and blizzards. It is likely that you would be staying in a Geodesic dome. The Geodesic dome is one of the many inventions of Richard Buckminster Fuller. It originated from an elegantly simple idea. Fuller understood that the triangle is an extremely stable shape.

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    Geography Quiz

    Find some interesting things about the planet we live on. You’ll know some facts and some you won’t. Do you know which country has Malay as its official language?

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    How Many Greens?

    How many greens are there in the park? Can we count them – one by one? There’s the light, light green of the tender little grass I would like this green For the walls of my house! There’s the darker green of the older plants that have flowered for many years I would like to have them as friends For the numerous stories they can tell. And there’s the darkest green of them all In trees majestic and strong

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    Fish That Live in the Desert

    We all know that fish live in water. But, there is a kind of fish which lives in the desert. Difficult to believe? Well, there is a variety of fish called the lungfish, which are found in Africa. When the rivers overflow, their water spreads to the dry regions around. It forms small lakes or ponds. The fish lives in these ponds. And, when the lakes dry up, the lung fish don’t die. They bury themselves in the wet mud where they can live for months.

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    Kolam – a South Indian style of painting

    Kolam is a South Indian style of painting that is drawn by using rice powder/chalk/chalk powder. While it is popular in many parts of Asia it is generally associated with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and most parts of Kerala. Step by step guideline for creating a Kolam: Step 1 Prepare a grid of the required dimensions. Most Kolams are made with simple geometric shapes and are generally symmetrical. Then it becomes easy to follow the pattern.

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    The Shepherd's Mistake

    Early every morning, a shepherd took his flock of sheep out in the fields to graze. He would sit by watching – as the sheep lazily munched on fresh grass. After they had eaten, he would round them up and walk back home. Sometimes while watching his flock, he would curl up in a quiet corner and go off to sleep. One day, the shepherd caught a wolf which had strayed into the field, eyeing his sheep.

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