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Bookmarks are very easy to make and you can make use of the things lying at your home.

Bookmarks [Illustration by Jaykrit]
The things you need:

1. Old greeting card.

2. Crayons.

3. Pencil and eraser.

4. Scissors.

Step 1 Take an old greeting card. On the inside, draw a carrot on it. Now cut it in the same shape. Use a greeting card that is made of thick paper so that your bookmark does not fold or crack easily.

Step 2 To make a colourful bookmark, use paints, crayons or colour pencils on the plain side of the card. You can even write your name on it.

Even if you were to turn the bookmark over you will find an attractive pattern on the other side. This way, you have a two-in-one bookmark.

If you have some silken thread or tassels, you could use them to decorate the book mark further.