Calendar [Illustrations by Anup Singh]
Calendar [Illustrations by Anup Singh]

The things you need:

  1. A spiral sketch book

  2. A thin wire

  3. Beads

  4. Adhesive and scissors

  5. Old magazines

  6. Stationery: Pencil, eraser, sharpner and ruler and cardboard

  7. Colours: Pencil / Crayons or paints and sketch pens

Step 1: Take a spiral sketch book to make the calendar (preferably A4 size). Divide the first page into two parts as shown in the figure.

In the space above, stick in cut out pictures from old magazines and below that make your calendar for the month of January. Make all the squares of the same size and big so that you can use the extra space in each square to plan for that day.

Check out the list of holidays and the day you have a holiday, mark that day with a different colour in your calendar.

Similarly make the pages for all the other 11 months.

Step 2: Now on a separate sheet of paper make your timetable. Take a cardboard strip two inches wide and of the same length as the calender. Stick one edge of the timetable on half of the cardboard strip and paste the bottom of the last page of the calendar on the other half.

Step 3: To hang the calendar, take a wire of approximately four inches and put a thick bead at one end while twisting the end such that it does not come out. Make a loop and subsequently put another bead at the other end and coil the wire again.

Every month you will need to unwind the wire to take it out and turn your page. You can stick pictures, draw, make a collage, write quotes, graffiti’s…just about anything on the space above your calendar-cum-planner.

So begin your new year with a new start.

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