A simple way to make shining, colourful streamers.

Colourful Streamers [Illustrations by Shinod AP]
Colourful Streamers [Illustrations by Shinod AP]

The things you need:

  1. Sheets of thin, coloured paper
  2. Scissors

Step 1: Make three folds in the paper as shown in the figure.

Step 2: Make slits at regular intervals all along the length of the paper (L1) without cutting the opposite length (L2).

Step 3: Now repeat the same procedure making slits from L2 towards L1. Again, be sure that L1 does not get cut.

Gently open the pattern. A broad streamer will flow before your eyes.

If you want to make thin streamers then just make a single fold. More the folds, broader the streamer.

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