Cotton Wool Doll

You thought cotton could be used only in bandages, or to clean wounds? Well, we found another use for it. We made a doll out of a roll of cotton.

Things you need:
One roll of cotton (ours was
Stick ‘em stones, or sticking ‘bindi’.
Satin ribbon.
A pair of scissors.

Doll-making []
Doll-making []

Step 1:

Take the roll of cotton and unfold it.
Cut off a length of 12 inches, which is five-and-a-half inches in height.

Now make a fluffy roll out of it gently. Do not put too much pressure while folding.

Once that is done, tie a satin ribbon at about two inches from the top. This will make the face of the doll. Below that forms the body.

Step 2:

Then, put the stick ‘em stones, or buttons, or the bindis to make eyes, nose and lips.

Step 3:

Now all you need to do is to make her wear some clothes! We felt that she was already wearing a white gown. We wanted her to wear a veil over her head. For the veil, we cut out another piece from the cotton roll and made her veil. You can make her wear any dress you like — a skirt or a sari or a scarf.

Neem doll

Dolls need not only be something to play with. They could have other uses too. Make a Neem doll and keep it in the cupboard where you store grains. Tell your mother she need not worry about pests attacking the kitchen stocks anymore.

Things you need:
Take any kind of cloth (our cloth was 6 inches long and 4 inches wide).
Needle and thread.
A pair of scissors.
Stick ‘em stones or buttons.
Neem leaves.

Step 1:

Fold the cloth in half. Draw a line across the middle. And cut the cloth along this line. Put the two pieces on each other. Now it is three inches wide.

Step 2:

Draw a line in the middle dividing the piece into two thin (11/2 inch wide) halves. Now draw two other lines from the middle to the two ends. Cut it across the line.You can now see a triangle on the cloth. Cut it out. Then draw a little curve on the pointed edge of the triangle. Cut the material along this curved line.

Step 3:

You have two separate triangles. Take a piece of twine and make a loop out of it. Put this loop between the two triangular pieces and stich them together on the sides leaving the lower end unstitched. After that is done, turn the triangle upside down. The loop has got attached to what will form the body of the doll.

Step 4:

Now stuff the neem leaves through the unstitched side. Then, stitch up the ends neatly. It will look like a triangular pouch now.

Step 5:

Tie a satin ribbon or colourful piece of wool to the narrower end of the pouch. Place stick’em stones or buttons to make eyes, nose and lips. Make the hair by sticking pieces of wool. Hold it up with the help of the loop. The doll is ready!

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