Take out those old socks that have been lying in your cupboard. With these puppets you can actually hold a puppet show for your friends and family.

The things you need:

  1. Old sock
  2. A needle and thread
  3. Poster colours
  4. Brush
  5. Red coloured paper

Step 1: Put your hand inside the sock, take hold of a part of

Glove Puppets! [Illustrations by Anup Singh]
Glove Puppets! [Illustrations by Anup Singh]

the front of the sock and pull it in. While still holding the front
part, turn the sock completely inside out.

Step 2: Use the needle and thread to sew that part of the sock that you are holding. Now turn the sock out again.

Step 3: The sewn part of the sock forms the mouth of the puppet. You can open and close the mouth with your hand.

Step 4: Cut the red paper in the shape of a tongue and sew it to the edge of the mouth. Use poster colours to draw eyes, a nose and other facial features above the mouth.

Your puppet is ready. You can introduce your new friend to your classmates! You can even hold a puppet show with your friends.

With your imagination and creativity, you can make lots of interesting characters for the show. All you need to do now is to comb through your wardrobe for worn and torn socks.

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