Instant Bunny
Instant Bunny [Illustrations by Anup Singh]
Fine towel material or flannel is is best for making bunny rabbits. However, you can use any cloth. Here we have used a handkerchief.

The things you need:

1. Handkerchief
2. Rubber band

3. Three black and one red bindi or buttons

Step 1: Take a handkerchief and start rolling it diagonally from one end.

Step 2: Once completely rolled, fold into half and tie a rubber band two inches from the fold.

Do you know what you have just made is a bunny rabbit? Well, there is one little thing that the bunny needs – his features.

Step 3: Stick the two black bindis for the eyes and the third one for the nose. Now cut the red bindi into a half moon shape and stick it to make the bunny’s mouth. If you do not have bindis, use buttons.

Your bunny is ready to hop, skip and jump!