If you are interested in making music, why not start by making a music instrument from things easily available at home?

The things you need:

  1. An empty toothpaste pack
  2. Three rubber bands
  3. A sheet of coloured paper
  4. Glue
  5. A blade or paper cutter
Let's Tango [Illustrations by Anup Singh]
Let’s Tango [Illustrations by Anup Singh]

Step 1: Cover the entire pack with a coloured paper. Use glue to stick the paper.

Step 2: Draw a rectangle of 1 inch x 2 inches on the upper side of the pack. The rectangle should be in the middle of the pack.

Step 3: Cut out this rectangle with a blade or a paper cutter.

Step 4: Take the rubber bands and place them around the pack, along the length. They are the strings of your musical instrument. Pluck the strings and hear the sound! Also decorate the instrument the way you want to.

Your tango is ready to be played. The rectangular hollow in the middle of the instrument will ensure that any sound you create by plucking the strings, will enhance the sound. Now all you have to do is get ready with a song. And let the music say the rest!

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