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Letter Holder

Drawing, cutting and pasting – that is all you need to make this attractive letter holder.

Letter Holder [Illustrations by Shinod AP]
The things you need:

1. A shoe box

2. Cardboard sheet

3. Different coloured glaze paper

4. Adhesive

5. Scissors

6. Pencil, eraser, sketch pens

Step 1: Take a shoebox without the lid.

Step 2: Draw out a fishing boat on the cardboard and cut it.

Step 3: Use glazed paper in different colours to stick on the cardboard boat so that it looks bright and colourful.

Step 4: Stick the boat on one side of the shoebox. Your letter holder is ready.

To make your letter holder a multipurpose holder, you can also cut cardboard pieces and make partitions in the shoebox.

Use it to keep letters, pens, paper clips or anything else that comes to your mind.