Make a Sachet [Illustrations by Shinod AP]
Make a Sachet [Illustrations by Shinod AP]

Are there are any old T-shirts lying at home and in danger of becoming dusters? Rescue one of them and your creative work begins!

The things you need:

  1. An old T-shirt

  2. A silken cord (18 inches long)

  3. Scissors

  4. Pencil

Step 1: Cut out a piece of seven inches square from an old T-shirt. Place the cloth on a table and make a circle, three inches in radius.

Step 2: At two ends draw a heart-shaped figure jutting out from the circle, as shown in the illustration.

Make notches at equal distances all along the circle.

Step 3: Cut out the shape with a hole pierced on the notches and two holes pierced on both the heart-shaped figures.

Step 4: Take the silk cord and pass it through the holes. Tie the ends together firmly. The extra length of the cord is adjusted in the form of loops at the two heart-shaped figures.

The sachet is ready to be filled with your knick-knacks. To close it, simply pull the cord from the loops and all the notches will run together.

You can also make a sachet in a similar manner out of canvas cloth or even leather.

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