Diwali is that time of year when markets get flooded with decorations. You could buy them or perhaps try and make them on your own.

Paper Chains [Illustrations by Shiju George]
Paper Chains [Illustrations by Shiju George]

All you need is:

  1. Crepe paper or Glossy paper.

  2. Scissors.

  3. Colours.

  4. Adhesive.

Step 1: Take a sheet of paper, nine inches square. Fold it diagonally into two. You will get a triangle like the one in the illustration.

Step 2: With the help of scissors, make cuts as shown in the figure. Remember to keep two things in mind:

  • The cuts should not reach from one side to the other.

  • You should make cuts in alternate directions.

Step 3: Now, open the sheet out flat and make a second one exactly like it but of a different colour.

Step 4: Stick the two sheets together by dabbing some adhesive on the corners.

Step 5: Now, gently draw out the paper by pulling at the centre of both sides.

You will have a nice chain. Make a dozen of these and you can hang them all over.

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