Pencil stand of Bangles [Illustrations by Anup Singh]
Pencil stand of Bangles [Illustrations by Anup Singh]

If you have old bangles lying around in the house that nobody wears, you can use them to make a pencil stand for your desk.

The things you need:

  1. Old bangles

  2. Adhesive

  3. Cardboard

  4. Scissors

  5. Pencil

Step 1: Collect bangles of different colours but of the same size.

Step 2: Use a bangle to draw a circle on the cardboard piece. Cut it.

Step 3: Now stick one bangle on top of the other using the circular cardboard as the base for your pencil stand.

Stick the bangles till you get a height of four inches. That is it. There is no need to paint or decorate. It will be the most colourful pencil stand that you will have.

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