No, this is not an exam. Thank God! It is time to have some fun. We looked at the map of South America and thought it looked like the face of a man looking sideways. Doesn’t it? Others thought it looked like a lion’s profile. The man’s face came out better so we put it here.

On the next page is the map of Italy. It looks very much like a lady’s stylish knee-length boots. And, after that is the map of Cameroon, in Africa. It looks like a sad peacock. Sad because it has few feathers.

We had great fun making faces and shapes out of maps. Why don’t you do the same? There are eight country maps coming up for you. Use your imagination and send us your drawings. We will put up the 10 best map drawings in our gallery. Have fun!

Play with Maps [Illustrations by Shridevi]
Play with Maps [Illustrations by Shridevi]

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