Here’s a great way to see where all that water in your vase actually goes.

Items required:
You’ll need a jug of water, four clean glasses, four different coloured inks or food dyes, scissors & white flowers (carnations work out very well, try tuberoses too.)

What to do:
Pour one inch (about half a finger high) of food colouring/ink into each glass (Each glass should have a different colour). Now add an equal amount of water to the glasses.

Rainbow Flowers [Illustrations by Amarjeet Malik]
Rainbow Flowers [Illustrations by Amarjeet Malik]

Trim the flower stems so that the flowers rest comfortably above the rim of the glass. Put one flower in each of the glasses. Now take two flowers, cut along the lenth of the stems to split them in half lengthwise.

Stand each half of the two split stemmed flowers in different coloured water. (Put two glasses next to each other and stand the flowers in a way that one half of the stem is in, say, red, and the other in blue.

Leave the flowers in a warm room for a few hours and they will slowly turn the same colour as the water in which they are standing. Watch what happens to the split flowers. They’ll be a rainbow surprise!

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