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Sand Flower Vase

Have you ever seen an empty glass bottle lying in one corner of the kitchen or store room? It makes you feel like giving it a new life. Make it a flower vase and then see it take its place proudly in the house as a precious object.

Sand Flower Vase [Illustrations by Anup Singh]
The things you need:
1. An empty glass bottle
2. Sand or pebbles
3. Glue
4. Poster colours
5. Brushes

Step 1: Stick the pebbles on the bottle with glue or cover the entire surface with sand, depending on the kind of look and feel you want. Let it dry.

Step 2:Now paint the entire surface with attractive colours and allow them to dry.

Your pebbly or sandy flower vase is ready for use. What’s more, it looks like a great piece of sculpture, reminding you of pebbled paths in the garden outside or near a beach.

What was trash just a while ago, has been converted into a beautiful, artistic object with a great use as well.