The things you need to make a Santa Claus mask are:

  1. White card sheet and red glaze paper

  2. Adhesive and scissors

  3. Pencil and eraser

  4. Cotton

  5. Colours

  6. String

Santa Mask [Illustrations by Shinod AP]
Santa Mask [Illustrations by Shinod AP]

Step 1: Draw the face of Santa Claus on the card sheet. Colour it first and then cut on the outline.

Stick cotton to make the beard, moustache and eyebrows of the Santa.

Step 2: To make the cap, fold red glaze paper as shown and stick the edges. Stick some cotton at the base of the cap. Fold the cap from top to form a crease so that it droops at the back.

Stick a cotton ball at the tip of the drooping cap.

Step 3: Make holes on both sides of the mask and tie strings to them.

Your mask along with the cap is ready to be put on. Now you just need to arrange some red clothes for yourself and that will make you a complete Santa Claus.

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