Do you want to belt out a song, but need an instrument that will keep the rhythm and add to the effect? Why don’t you try making a ‘shaker’ that will do the trick?

Just remember, you will be making a valuable addition to the range of percussion instruments that are used for their rhythm and the texture of their sound – like the maraca (a rattle like instrument in the shape of a gourd, that contains dried seeds, pebbles or lead shots).

Shake a Shaker
Shake a Shaker [Illustrations by Anup Singh]

So what are you waiting for!

The things you need:

1. An empty soft drink can
2. A few pebbles
3. Coloured paper
4. Marker

Step 1: Put the pebbles inside the can.

Step 2: Cover the opening of the can by sticking a piece of chart paper across it.

Step 3: Take coloured paper of a size that is enough to cover the entire can. Stick it over the can with glue.

Step 4: Decorate the can the way you want to. You can draw flowers, cartoons, faces or whatever catches your fancy.

Try your hand at making shakers of different types. With paper plates, for instance. Place pebbles in a paper plate. Cover this with another plate. Now, stick them together with glue. Add decorations with felt pens or markers.

Perhaps you can think of more ideas to make your type of shaker.

Your shakers are ready for the music!