Line up a few of these dolls on a windowsill or mantel, and you’re guaranteed to spread cheer to family and guests alike.

Sock Doll [Illustrations by Shinod AP]
Sock Doll [Illustrations by Shinod AP]

The things you need:

  1. Cotton socks
  2. Pieces of foam
  3. A few rubber bands
  4. Red and black paint
  5. Scissors

Step 1: Fill a cotton sock three quarters of the way with the foam pieces. Secure it by tying a rubber band at the end of the filling.

Step 2: Cut the remaining part of the sock with a scissors into long strips and turn these inside out.

Step 3: Now for the doll’s nose – with your fingertips, grasp a small amount of foam halfway down from the top of the sock. Wrap a rubber band around the base to secure it. The doll has a long nose now.

Step 4: Make the eyes and mouth with black and red paint.

For a family of dolls, use baby socks to make children and adult socks for parents. Or, if you want to show a family in which the children tower over their parents, then do it the other way round!
So are you ready to show off your dolls to your friends?

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