This unusual fishing game is simple to assemble and great fun to play. And you won’t have to worry about pulling poor live fish out of the water.

Items required:

Four to six magnets (one for each player; magnets can be found at any hardware shop),
paper clips, stickytape, four to six thin nine-inch sticks (one for each player; unsharpened pencil work really well), a large bowl of water, aluminium foil, string and scissors.

How to prepare the game:

Step [I]:

Fold the aluminium foil in four. Cut 2-inches long fishes out of the folded foil, using the first fish as a pattern fish.

The Magnetic Fish Bowl []
The Magnetic Fish Bowl []

Step [II]:

Slide a paper clip onto the front end of each aluminium foil fish. Drop all the fish into the bowl of water.

Step [III]:

Cut pieces of string about 20cm long. Tie a magnet to one end of each piece. Tie the other end to a stick or pencil and fix it with sticky tape.

How to Play:

Catch the fish by picking them up with the magnets. If two players catch the same fish, they must put it back to the bowl. The player who catches the maximum number of fishes is the winner.

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