Shiny vehicles on a shop shelf are inviting, but how about making a shiny red bus, much like the ones you see on the roads. What’s more, you can give a new life to things that are being readied for the dustbin at this very instant!

The things you need:

  1. Empty juice carton
  2. Felt paper (any colour of your choice)
  3. Black marker pen or pen
  4. Four bottle caps
  5. Glue
  6. Thermacol
Your Own Bus [Illustrations by Anup Singh]
Your Own Bus [Illustrations by Anup Singh]

Step 1: Paint the four bottle caps to make the wheels for your bus.

Step 2: Cut the felt paper to cover the entire outer part of the juice carton. Stick the paper with glue.

Step 3: Now, using the marker, draw the details of a bus – windows, door, windshield, etc. Give your bus the design you want!

Step 4: Attach the four ‘wheels’ on both sides of the carton, using glue.

Step 5: To make a bumper, take a strip of thermacol around 1 cm wide, and measure its length according to the width of the front portion of the bus. Colour it and stick it in front.

You are now the proud owner of a bus!

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