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How Far Away are the Stars?

How Far Away are the Stars?
The sun is a star, just like the thousands of others we see in the sky each night. But it looks so very big. Is it the biggest star? No. The only reason the sun appears so big is because it is closer to us than any other star.The sun is just 93,000,000 miles (or 14,88,000,000 km) away from...

Little Blue Daisies

Little blue daisiesin my flowerbed First came the ladybird red red red Fly away ladybird said the daisy blue Poor little ladybird flew flew flewThen came the grasshopper green green green He hid in the leaves not to be seen Hop away grasshopper, said the daisy blue Poor little grasshopper Went hop, hop hopThird came the bumblebee black black black Humming to himself a brand new song Fly away bumblebee, said the daisy blue Poor little...

Tiger Move

Santhals are a tribe found in rural Orissa and West Bengal. They believe that every individual born on earth comes destined to die by some specific stroke of fate. How the individual dies is determined at birth and this is called Dana or move (like the moves of a chess game). This move determines the kind of death the...