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The Friends of Custard House

Robert Custard was a gentleman to be sure. Though he was only three-and-a-half feet off the ground and sometimes he even sported a milk moustache, he was still, quite definitely, a gentleman at the age of nine.Now, you must consider that we are talking about the India of the 1930s. The British were ruling the country. Little boys and...

A Free Bird

Everybody in his family called him 'shy baby' -- not 'cry baby' to be sure, but shy baby. Young Somu was shy, but not just a little shy. Somu was very, very shy. When guests came to his house for tea or dinner and asked him his name, Somu would dig his chin into his neck and close his...

Mushir and the Magic Rickshaw

This story took place many years ago... not in a kingdom, not in a village, but in a small town called Kalpanagar. This is not a story of a prince, nor a farmer, but of a young school boy named Mushir, who, quite to his surprise, became a very special person for the townsfolk of Kalpanagar.Now we listen to...