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Where is Manbhavan?

A girl with a frog: Where is Manbhavan?: - A story for kids
"Where's Manbhavan?" Nitya cried. Her pudgy face showed great surprise."Where is Manbhavan?" repeated Bhavna, peering into Nitya's cupboard. The cardboard box in which he lived was wide open - and - absolutely empty! Bhavna gingerly picked up the blouses and skirts that lay arranged in neat piles on the shelf and poked around them with a hesitant finger. "Hmm...

Double Vision

It was hard to say when Neeti got double vision. It wasn't there one minute and the very next it was. Suddenly, the road turned terribly crowded. People were jostling each other, pushing to get ahead. She rubbed her eyes, shook her head violently. But that instant crowd didn't disappear - it rushed on at her.Then…she realised what had...

The Tinkle of the Goat Bells

The Tinkle of the Goat Bells
Tanvi ran swiftly through the pine forest, the peppery smell of the herbs she crushed beneath her feet tickling her nostrils. She had to meet her friend Ramli, the goat girl at their favourite meeting place by the spring. Today they were planning to go down to the river bed and picnic there.She was late. Ramli had said that...


Morning Wraps me softlyIn a blanket of grey Touches my eyelidsWith pale, cool fingers Sings in my earsA twittering sparrow Tugs at my armsLifts me gently From my bedSaying Another day is here.Round and RoundThe whirling fan Touching my cheekWith its butterfly breath A constant breezeBlowing summer away Ruffling my hairCooling my neck Oops!Making my papers fly!

Birju and the Flying Horse

In a far off city, there lived a boy called Birju. He longed to run and play like other children. But he had a lame leg. He found it difficult to even walk properly. Birju’s father worked as a gardener in a rich man’s garden, close to the hut in which they lived. His mother washed dishes in other...