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The Jungle

Far away in the jungles where the green grass grows, lived families of mynas their nest in rows.They were friends and foes who played and fought for fun. But when it came to the enemy they stood together as one.One morning they were surprised a strange creature there to find. Loud, noisy with strange scary ways a being like that...seemed a ferocious kind.Eager to befriend the new an excited...

The Naughty Baby Monkey

A mama and a baby monkey Lived high up on a mango tree The mama was kind But the baby's mind.. Dear! Oh Dear! Oh! Dear, Dear Me.One bright sunny day The baby monkey ran away. The mama despaired Scratched all her hair Dear! Oh Dear! Oh! Dear, Dear MeThe mama searched the forest through Everywhere for baby Babloo. Near the forest edge, Where grew a berry hedge, Dear! Oh Dear! Oh! Dear, Dear...