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How the Dragon Came to be

How the Dragon Came to be
Long ago, there lived in China a young boy called Chi Yu.Chi Yu lived with his mother in a tiny house at the edge of the village. There were beautiful green meadows all around and tall hills. Every year after the rains, the fields looked greener and more beautiful than ever before.Each morning as the sun peeped into his...


When wisps of white Sail across the sky When the breeze blows warm And the days grow long From somewhere in the distance You can hear my song Coo-ooo, Coo-ooo Coo-ooooWhen mangoes ripen In the dark green trees And hovering around Are busy buzzy bees Right over the wall You can hear my call Coo-o, Coo-oo, Cooo-oooWhen plump wild figs Go squish under your feet And juicy purple jamuns Are munched by parakeets From...

The Silly Cricket

A silly young cricket Sat on a wicket Singing all summer longHe strummed his guitar And danced all the while Other creatures were busy Gathering their pileSoon winter came And he began to complain For he hadn't a morsel to nibble on.So off he went In the wind and rainTo the little black ants For a mouthful of grain.But ants don't lend They don't borrow "You should have worked, "they...