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My Bunny

Little bob-tail going up and down Twichity nose smelling everything around Rabbit teeth sticking out Hopping, jumping all about Beady eyes staring at me A ball of cotton is all that I can see

My Puppy

A dog wagging its tail
Wuff! Wuff! Wuff! My little puppy barks You won't believe it, she's afraid of the dark She jumps about her ears go flapping She comes to me when she hears me clapping

Far from Potty about Harry Potter

Harry Potter Series Written by J.K. Rowling Published by Scholastic Books (US) and Bloomsbury Publishing (UK)Two weeks ago, we had carried a book review by 11-year-old Sujit Thomas on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. In his view, the Harry Potter series is far superior to Enid Blyton, or even Roald Dahl.But there are opinions and opinions on Harry Potter. We present...

Best Day of the Term

As I sat down to work out a page of sums on the first school day of 2001, I couldn't help but think of that lovely day, the best day of the term, just three weeks ago."Surbhi, give me your number! Hey, Aradhana! Wait for me, will you? Seen the ice cream man?"It was the last day of school...