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What are Dry Clouds?

Clouds in a polluted city
It is that time of the year when all of us look to the sky, waiting for the first drops of rain to fall on our faces. We wish the monsoon would come soon. But for people who live in polluted cities like Delhi or Tokyo, there's some bad news. Israeli scientists have discovered that air pollution may actually...

Ginger, the New Wonder Medicine

Ginger, the new wonder medicine
Ginger has always been an essential part of most Indian kitchens and grandmothers' medicine boxes. This spice has been used to treat the feeling of vomiting and indigestion. Now the Western world has also discovered the wonderful qualities of ginger. They see it as a powerful medicine against nausea across the world.In India, grandmothers have known all along that...

Little Gyatsu Goes To School

As the sun rises over the hills, the birds start chirping. Nine-year-old Gyatsu knows that it is time to go to school. All his friends in the village go to school too. In no time a small army of rosy-cheeked children can be seen hurrying through the streets and up the hills, to the local primary school. The birds...