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The Sweet Taste of Success

June 24: Vaibhav Bhagate starts work at 5.00 am. He works as an apprentice at the Technical Training Centre of the Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Undertaking. After school, he attends class at the Vikas Night High School and Junior College at night.Vaibhav is the son of a former municipal employee, Sitaram. He has topped the merit list of...

Children e-Lead the Way

Where: San Mateo, USAJune 24, 2000: Many adults think that the decision to buy a computer is theirs. The children just smile. For, they know it is because of them. They are the world's Webmasters. Now, a US survey has found proof of the fact. Children are taking to the Internet, like ducks take to water. The number of...

Why are Some Plants Non-vegetarian?

Are you scared of going to the forest because you think there are man-eating tigers in the forest? What would you do if there were man-eating plants too?Don't worry. Man-eating plants do not exist. But insect and animal-eating plants do. They are what you would call non-vegetarian plants.In fact, there are 500 varieties of plant species that trap prey...