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Photocopies of babies

August 18: Who would have thought that humans can be ‘photocopied’ like documents? But, it is happening and the brain behind the whole act, Severino Antiniro, an Italian doctor is all set to create the first ‘photocopy’ babies of the world, reports say.Though the doctor seems confident, his experiment could result in a Jurassic Park-like disaster, experts say. The...

Web of Financial Scandal

August 18: The recent arrest of P S Subramanyam, chairman Unit Trust of India, has sent shock waves through the country, among the 20 million people who had invested their lifetime savings in India's oldest public mutual fund company. What exactly happened?A mutual fund company has one main function: to take in or mobilise people's savings and invest them...

Counting the world in different ways

August 17: Counting the world's population may seem a bit like counting the stars in the sky, but not if you know how to go about it the right way. And there are as many ways to do it as there are countries, the United Nations recently discovered at a four-day seminar attended by number-happy statisticians from 55 countries....