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Why do Clocks Run Clockwise?

Why do Clocks Run Clockwise?
"Time to get dressed!" cries a harried Mama as she tries to pack the bag, straighten the tie, pack lunch, tie shoelaces as at the same time she pushes children dragging their heels towards the bus stop. Oh? Is it already "Time for school?" later still its "time for dinner" or "time for bed!" Old Father Time can be...

Why don’t Birds on a wire get a shock?

Why don't Birds on a wire get a shock?
Now how is that possible? The fact is, for a living creature to get a ‘shock’ there has to be a substantial flow of current through the body. However, there is barely any current running through the bird’s body for two reasons. Firstly, the bird not only forms a circuit with the wire, but it also offers a high...

Why does the Sun follow You?

Why does the Sun follow You?
Have you ever noticed that when you are in a car, or a bus, travelling on a straight road, the Sun appears to move right along with you?While telephone poles and trees close to the road, whiz past in the blink of an eye, the Sun is always visible throughout the journey. No matter how fast Daddy drives, you...

What is the Mystery of Dracula?

Mystery of Dracula
As bats flap through the musty castle, a coffin lid creaks open and an ashy white hand gropes for the cover. The lid slides off and a caped figure rises in the gloom - Dracula is on the prowl! Vampires have enthralled generations of readers and moviegoers; and the most popular 'vampire' is the fearsome Count Dracula of Transylvania.Of...

Swear, it’s true!

August 17: You might think that schools would discourage students from using bad words, but it is not so. Schools in England will soon be teaching their pupils swearwords in an attempt to stop them from using bad language! Does that make any sense?Apparently, British teachers feel that young children pick up swearwords from adults and older children, and...

What Makes the Egg Shell so Strong?

What Makes the Egg Shell so Strong?
Have you ever wondered why hens don't break their eggs when they sit on them? The secret lies in the shape of the egg. An egg is a great example of nature's excellent skills in packing. If you squeeze the ends of an egg between the palms of your hands, it won't break. However, if you squeeze it in...

Why is the Dead Sea dead?

Why is the Dead Sea dead - 2
The Dead Sea is indeed a very scary name for a lake. It is called so because nothing lives in it. There are no sea weeds or plants, no fish either. This is because the Dead Sea is nearly six times as salty as the ocean.It also contains many other dissolved minerals, including magnesium chloride, calcium chloride and potassium...

Why’s it hard for Ketchup to flow?

Why's it hard for Ketchup to flow?
Why is it so tough to get ketchup out of the bottle?When you overturn a sauce bottle that has been left untouched for some time, chances are, either the sauce will not come out at all or a gigantic blob will plop down on your plate. Getting ketchup to ‘flow’ out of the bottle can be quite an ordeal.However,...

How Does Ice float?

How Does Ice float?
A cool glass of water topped with huge chunks of ice is sure to quench your thirst on a hot summer day. But, before you guzzle the water, look at how the ice floats on the water surface. How do these large ice pieces manage to stay afloat?Ice floats because it is less dense than water. (If you take...

What are Volcanic Tubeworms?

What are Volcanic Tubeworms?
In order to raise chicks the farmer keeps the eggs warm and is careful not to crush them. But when scientists in the University of Southern California rear tubeworms, they keep the immature worms very cold and under high pressure.You would think the scientists are being cruel by subjecting these little worms to such extreme conditions. They are not.The...