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Kappu goes to the Zoo

Kappu goes to the Zoo
Kappu maharaj, where are you going? Zoo! What will you see there? Bear! But how will you go? Car! And, may I ask with who? You!

For the Olympic Heights of Stamina

September 7: The horse is a symbol of strength, power and stamina. Ever wondered about the secret behind its energy? It is the kind of food the animal eats. Ask the person who has to keep up the energy levels of one of the world's costliest racehorses, Fusaichi Pegasus, worth all of $4 million (approximately 1.8 crore rupees).That is...

Twinkling Stars

All you need is:1. Square piece of paper.2. Colours.Fold the paper as shown in each of the figures below.Make three triangles in the same way. Now interlock two of them as shown below. Paste the third triangle to the interlocked triangles.Your star is ready to be coloured. Make as many stars as you want and let them spangle your...

Make a Sachet

Are there are any old T-shirts lying at home and in danger of becoming dusters? Rescue one of them and your creative work begins!The things you need:1. An old T-shirt2. A silken cord (18 inches long) 3. Scissors 4. PencilStep 1: Cut out a piece of seven inches square from an old T-shirt. Place the cloth on a table and make...

Challenge Knot Tie

This is an easy one, but it will baffle people who don't know how to do it.All you need is:1. A piece of rope 3 or 4 feet long.Step 1: Hold the rope as in Figure 1, and give your friends a chance to try to tie a knot in the rope without at any time letting go of...

Messy Kappu

Messy Kappu
Kappu maharaj sat on the bed Clothes soiled in yellow mess Playing with a plastic ball He wasn't bothered about it all.Mamma took him in her arms Felt his bottoms with her palm "Kappuji, what did you do? Let's quickly get you a panty new."


The things you need:1. A spiral sketch book2. A thin wire3. Beads4. Adhesive and scissors5. Old magazines6. Stationery: Pencil, eraser, sharpner and ruler and cardboard7. Colours: Pencil / Crayons or paints and sketch pensStep 1: Take a spiral sketch book to make the calendar (preferably A4 size). Divide the first page into two parts as shown in the figure.In...

Unusual Fish

All you need is:1. Square sheet of paper.2. Colours.Fold the paper as shown in each of the figures.There it is, draw an eye and your unique fish is ready. It's so simple that you could make a whole family of fish in just a few minutes.

Milk! Milk! Milk!

Milk! Milk! Milk!
Morning, afternoon, evening, night Kappu wants milk all the time He drinks six bottles in a day And always feels contented and gay.Bananas and biscuits mashed in milk Are things that Kappu loves to drink As soon as he finishes drinking a bowl His mommy gives a kiss on his nose.

My Hut

All you need is:1. Square sheet of paper.2. Colours.Fold the paper as shown in each of the figures.The hut that you have made looks unfurnished. Use some good colours to paint it.