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The Whopping Hippo

The hippo loves the waterside Where it can bathe and swim and glide And all the little fishes there Swim away and cry - 'beware'!The hippo loves to laze all day And snooze the winter noon away He's never cold, for don't you see He needs no quilt like you and me? 

Rip my Puppy

Rip my puppy is so smart He loves a bounce-y ball I love to see him run and jump And rush back at my call!I miss him so when I'm at school And Rip is far away He jumps with joy when I return And we rush off to play.

Tiger King

Oh tiger, you're so regal Majestic and tall With your bright and stripe-y coat You look the king of all!Oh tiger, you're so handsome Your cubs are lovely too They say, the cat's an aunt of yours- Do tell me, is this true?

The Spider on the Wall

Spider, spider on the wallSome are big and some are smallIn their web they quietly lieAnd pounce upon the moving fly!

The Wonder Elephants

Ramu plays at football While Shyamu rings the bell They make the circus lively - We clap our hands and yell!Ramu is so clever And Shyamu is so free They're the wonder elephants Whom people come to see.

The Shop at the Corner

Butter and bread, Needle and thread; Sweets and candy, Yellow and red.Ice-creams, chocolates, Bells that ring; Music - which you'd Love to sing.Books and biscuits, Dolls and toys; I keep them all, For girls and boys!

Swinging Monkey

Look up there And you will see The monkeys swinging From the treeI like the way They jump and flee - Now, do they want Some nuts from me?

The White Flowers

I love the snow-white jasmines I love the tube rose too The champaks are so lovely I'll share them all with you!They do not boast of colours They are not bright to see But they fill the place with fragrance And bloom for you and me!

Naughty Kit

Minty is a naughty kit Tell her 'stand' - she's sure to sit She laps up milk without a trace But give her curds, she'll turn her face!Minty is a naughty kit Tell her 'come' and she'll just quit Tell her 'Run!' - she'll sleep all day Call her - and she'll run away!

The Jester and the Stranger’s Language

Maharaja Krishna Chandra was the king of Bengal during the middle ages. It was customary for kings in those days to patronise talented people. So every king had his own court poets, artists, singers, town planners, architects and what have you. And plenty of ministers to advise him on different matters.And every king had a court jester. The...