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Know-it-alls and Find-it-outs

Once upon a time, there was an island called the 'Land of the Sun'. People of all shapes, sizes and appearances lived there. Everybody knew everybody and they were like one big happy family.But slowly, as time passed, the children grew bigger and had more children who grew bigger and had more children.Things reached a stage where there were so many people in the...

Script your own Cartoon or Movie

Superman flies. Mowgli grins. A pig speaks and a dog identifies a thief. Children live in the land of toys and ice creams. You must have seen one or the other in cartoons or movies.So how does it all happen? How does it start?Well, it starts like most things do -- with an idea. A person, or a group of...

Tejasvi’s Song

I'm going, I'm going on a safariDriving around in my big lorryJungle animals I shall seeAs they live, quite naturally, Not behind the cages, tiedLions, elephants, zebras, birds. Moving together in their herds. I'll shoot them, but with a camera They'll think "oh, he's a nice fella".So we'll be friends and long long after I'm gone, you'll hear our laughter.