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The Elephants who Showed Off

The Elephants who Showed Off

A long long time ago, elephants had small, shiny and beautiful noses. Vain that they were, they would always turn their noses up in the air when they passed by any other animal. They were plain show-offs. Naturally, the other animals did not like this very much. Finally, one clever monkey decided to do something about it. He went up to the wise hermit who lived on the mountain and asked him if there was some way to make the elephants’ noses long and ugly....

The Gifts

The Gifts

Seema and Reema were highly excited. Their uncle was coming today, from Mumbai. It wasn’t the actual arrival that excited them, it was the thought of the gifts he would bring for them. There would certainly be gifts, of that they were sure. No self respecting uncle would arrive at a brother’s house without gifts for his eight year old and nine year old nieces. But there was nothing they could do but wait. So they waited....

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