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The Man who Saved the Moon

The Man who Saved the Moon

A kind-hearted man, looking down into a well, saw the reflection of the moon in the water. “Oh! My God! The moon has fallen into the well,” he muttered mournfully and hurried to fetch a hook tied to the end of a long rope. Quickly, he let the hook fall deep into the well, holding fast to the rope. The hook hit the water and, reaching the bottom of the well, caught fast to a stone....

Nine of Ten

Nine of Ten

Once, in a dry desert, a man was urging ten camels forward to a water pool. After walking a few miles, he mounted one of the camels and counted the rest. He counted nine of them, then immediately dismounted and walked back in search of the lost one. Seeing no sign of any camel, he thought he had lost it. He discontinued the search and hurried back to the camels, grieved and dismayed. There, to his great joy, he found all ten of them....

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