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Surprising Success

Surprising Success

Surprising Success [Illustration by Shinod AP] I, John, a horse-trainer, still cannot make up my mind after a year whether one particular show was a failure or a success. I am tempted to say this, as the show from the point of view of skill, was a complete disaster but seemed like a tremendous success with our audience. We, now a world famous circus called ‘Rocketeers’, were putting up our maiden performance....

The Mystery of the Old Cemetery

The Mystery of the Old Cemetery

The Mystery of the Old Cemetery [Illustartion by Shinod AP] “I wish father were here”. These were the last words of two children when they were mourning their father’s death in a cemetery. They died a few minutes later because of a fire. This is how it happened. A burial ceremony was taking place close by and a man smoking a cigar dropped it onto the dry grass. Flames shot up in the air and all the people present at the burial escaped as they were aware of the fire....

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