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How Does Dew Form?

How Does Dew Form?

Remember walking to the school or the bus stop on a cold wintry morning? You can see the beautiful crystal drops of dew, and if you happen to be on the grass, they could well be soaking your shoes. Ever wondered why there is no dew in the summer or rainy seasons? Well, special as it looks, dew needs special conditions to form as well. When a warm and clear day is followed by a cool evening and night, which is clear (cloudless), dew is formed....

Why Do Stars Twinkle?

Why Do Stars Twinkle?

Watching stars on a moonless night can be an quite an interesting experience. As clusters of stars take familiar forms – of a bear, a man in armor wielding a sword, millions of other stars simply twinkle. As if they were playing hide and seek with one’s eyes. We all know that each star is actually like the sun. And the huge collection of stars on the night sky is like a collection of many, many suns....

And Now, Schoolbags Online

Who wants to carry a bulky bag to school? Not children. Nobody wants one shoulder to be lower than the other, and paining too. In India, most of us would look at the reduction of textbooks as a way out. But in a country like America, there are always more options. A company called goReader has created a “school bag” which is the size of a laptop computer, weighing about 2.5 kg. The goReader has a colour screen and can “hold” all the textbooks that a student may need, says a report in ‘The Asian Age’ newspaper....

Fire in Water

July 8: A flame moved through water! Unbelievable? But it is true. Fire in Water [Illustration by Sudheer Nath] This was the Olympic flame. It was carried under water last week. Why, one would ask. Because the games are being held in Sydney this year. The Olympic Games are held once in four years. And each time it is held, the Olympic flame is lit in Athens, the birthplace of the games, and carried to the venue of the games....

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