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Easy Reading for Kids

Easy reading materials for younger children. Suitable for Grades 1 through 2. This material can also be used to teach your child to read. These materials are suitable ESL — a great way to improve your English quickly.

Over in the Meadow

Over in the meadow, In the sand, in the sun, Lived an old mother toad And her little toadie one."Wink," said the mother; "I wink," said the one; So she winked and blinked In the sand, in the sun.Over in the meadow, Where the stream runs blue, Lived an old mother fish And...

The Last of the Big Ones

The red-and-silver Dragonfly happily flitted across the pool:"Zim, Zim, Zim,Over the water I skim.Now dart in,Now dart out,Dash acrossAnd turn about.""Oh, bother," croaked a hoarse voice as with a plop, a large Bullfrog settled himself on a lily pad. "A little less darting and...

Rip my Puppy

Rip my puppy is so smart He loves a bounce-y ball I love to see him run and jump And rush back at my call!I miss him so when I'm at school And Rip is far away He jumps with joy when I return And we rush off to play.

Work while You Work

Work while you work, Play while you play; One thing each time, All that you do, Do with your might; Things done by halves Are not done right 

Swinging Monkey

Look up there And you will see The monkeys swinging From the treeI like the way They jump and flee - Now, do they want Some nuts from me?

The White Flowers

I love the snow-white jasmines I love the tube rose too The champaks are so lovely I'll share them all with you!They do not boast of colours They are not bright to see But they fill the place with fragrance And bloom for you and me!

Naughty Kit

Minty is a naughty kit Tell her 'stand' - she's sure to sit She laps up milk without a trace But give her curds, she'll turn her face!Minty is a naughty kit Tell her 'come' and she'll just quit Tell her 'Run!' - she'll sleep all day Call her -...

Our Lips and Ears

If you your lips would keep from slips, Five things observe with care: Of whom you speak, to whom you speak, And how and when and where.If you your ears would save from jeers, These things keep meekly hid: Myself and I, and mine and my, And how I do...

Little Black Dashes

Little black dashes On six legs each Walking very fast Where do they reach?One saved a friend Many ate a peach We're clever sing the ants We wish and we can reach. 


Roses in the winter time Roses in the fall The roses in my garden Are the nicest of them allSome prefer the jasmines The champaks on the tree Or the lilies in the pool But it's the rose for me!The wild roses climbing up the wall Which hang in clusters white The...


Summer music of the trees

I always used to think that the drive across a four kilometre stretch from my house to the main road was a pain. Actually,...

Is Tomato a Vegetable or a Fruit?

We think the tomato is a vegetable, but it is actually a fruit. Because it is not sweet and is used for providing flavour...

Which Mammal lays Eggs?

Mammals are creatures who give birth to their young ones as opposed to other animals who lay eggs. Birds, reptiles and insects lay eggs....

Who’s the Brainiest animal of Them All?

The next time someone calls you an ape or a bird brain, ask her to think again. Brain scans of animals have revealed similar...

Lonely Kalu

Kalu was the only son of a farmer and his wife."I wish I had a brother or a sister, to play with," he told...